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May 23, 2011

Who wants free eBooks? How about for our troops?

Then this is the book tour for YOU!

This Memorial Day weekend – all four days May 27 through May 30– we have over 30 authors participating so you can score a free eBook for you and for a troop at EVERY single stop!

We indie authors and all the members of the Indie Book Collective truly appreciate and embrace the power of freedom and all that entails! Without it, we couldn’t be where we are, doing what we do at every event for readers and authors.

So this Memorial Day we’re paying it forward to the men and women who safeguard that freedom – our amazing TROOPS!

If you’re familiar with our past blog tours, you know how this works, right? You visit the author’s blogs, make a comment, and receive the coupon code for a free copy of their eBook. This time, we will have a blog hop. Readers start at one blog then click along the daisy chain, reading all about gratitude, and commenting.

Every comment gets that person the title being given away at that particular blog PLUS one to a troop. Readers can even designate a particular troop to give it to if they desire! (If not, the IBC will take care of it for you, no worries.)

All participating authors have graciously agreed to donate however many eBooks are requested! Woot! In fact, we’ve all donated $15 of our own money to help purchase the Kindles!

In addition, we want to give as many KINDLES to as many troops as possible. This means that we need your donations! Did you know that eBooks are one of the TOP requests made by our troops? Let’s get them what they so desperately want—together!


Simply click on donate – all donations go to the IBC PayPal account for this blog tour to purchase Kindles! Rest assured that every single cent goes to the purchase of Kindles—this is a completely charitable blog tour and all donations go directly to our troops!

Visit the Blog Tour de Troops website for all the deets. It’s not too late to sign up if you are an author or know of someone who would like to participate! Please contact us here at the IBC via email: today!

Who are the participating authors? Well, here’s a little taste:

Carolyn McCray and her new bestselling historical paranormal romance novel Fated

Amber Scott and her new bestselling paranormal (and HOT) novel Fierce Dawn

Rachel Thompson and her Top Ten Kindle Humor bestselling collection of essays A Walk In The Snark

Gary Ponzo and his award-winning novel, the thriller A Touch of Deceit

George Sirois and his award-winning sci-fi novel Excelsior

And many, many more!

Stay tuned for our big announcement on Thursday, May 27th with the complete author roster, prizes, blog hop and all the rest! And a huge thanks to all our amazingly support reviewers as well! You rock!

Thanks for all your wonderful support and help getting the word out about this terrific opportunity to HELP OUR TROOPS!

Visit us on Twitter, Facebook, and please help us get the word out about this amazing tour. Know authors who want to contribute? Send em’ our way! Want to donate? Click on the green badge above!

Support our authors, support our troops! EVERYBODY WINS!!

See you back here, Thursday, when all the excitement begins!

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  1. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 27, 2011 10:59 am

    well tis book looks like it would be a great book to read i like the x men so this will be loved to .

  2. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 28, 2011 11:40 am

    I was here yesterday and i forgot to leave my e-mail it is I am very sorry.

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