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April 11, 2011

The Indie Book Collective is proud to present the next Blog Tour de Force, author Cage Match!

April 18-22, each day two authors will go head to head fighting for your comments. The two authors with the highest comment count from the most unique commenters will face off on April 25th for the championship title!

Who will win? YOU!

How? Each author is giving a free ebook to each commenter! Plus, each author has an individual giveaway that comments are entered towards. PLUS, once again, we are giving away a brand new KINDLE away!

Just like every tour, we’re getting reviewers involved. Readers will not just take our word for how great these bestselling and award-winning titles are, over fifty book reviewers will be sharing their honest opinion, too!

Award-winning? Bestselling? WHO??

April 18th Cristyn West, “Plain Jane” takes on Amber Scott, “Fierce Dawn”
April 19th Rachel Thompson, “A Walk In The Snark” faces off George Pappas, “Monogamy Sucks”
April 20th Kimberly Kinrade, “Bits of You & Pieces of Me” takes on John Sundman, “Acts of the Apostles”
April 21st Suzanne Adair, “Paper Woman” faces off A.M.Harte, “Hungry For You”
April 22nd Ann Charles, “Nearly Departed in Deadwood” takes on Gary Ponzo, “A Touch of Deceit”

It’s going to be a wild week get your comment finger ready!

Speaking of comments…

“A Walk In The Snark” Bestseller For A Day numbers are in. Once again, we hit the ball out of the park!

The hilarious non-fiction ebook peaked at Amazon Kindle ranking #1749. It hit #3 on the Humor-Parenting Family list, unseating Jenny McCarthy’s title! It hit #11 on Humor-Essays, and #52 on Entertainment-Humor, a major list!

This program works! Not only did Rachel Thompson’s ebook get the attention in deserves but the Bonus Buy read, “Bits of You & Pieces of Me” had significant lift, too. Even previous ‘drafting’ titles are still seeing increases in sales. For example, Carolyn McCray’s Indian Moon has rose to list status this week, too!

May 18th, we’ll be taking another title up the charts. In the meantime, stay tuned for Rachel’s giveaway announcements.

-Team IBC

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