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Cage Match Day 1: Cristyn West v. Amber Scott

April 18, 2011

If there ever was a dark horse it is “Plain Jane.”  With kohl black eyes and a wicked smile, “Plain Jane” is ready to take on “Fierce Dawn.”

This Patterson-style mystery has just a dash of Hannibal making “Plain Jane” a formidable competitor.

“Plain Jane” lures you into her world of madness and murder, making you THINK you know who the killer is then…

*WHAM*BAM* she hits you with a one-two punch.

“Plain Jane” isn’t just going for the win here today, she wants a TKO!

Head over to her blog to enter to win that free KINDLE and for every relevant comment, you’ll win a free eBook copy of “Plain Jane” and see why she has been on’s Hard Boiled Mysteries and Police Procedurals Bestselling Lists!

Plus she also has a prize for the most interesting comment… but of course she wants to keep it a surprise #ut-oh

Just remember when reading “Plain Jane“… you better keep the lights on! “


“Mama said knock you out….”

Today is the day!

“X-men action meets True Blood heat.”

“Fierce Dawn” is the new release and fresh take on paranormal you’ve been dying to find. In “Fierce Dawn” blood is a drug and vampires are immortals addicted to it.

Amber Scott’s taking the gloves off and she needs your help to take Cristyn West down.

“Fierce Dawn” is ready to put her opponent in her place!

“I’m gonna knock you out…”

Every single commenter at Amber Scott’s blog scores a “Fierce Dawn” ebook AND gets entered to win her secret “spoil me” prize.

AND she’s offering a shot at a personalized signed ebook! #yesreallysigned

Find out why reviewers devour “Fierce Dawn” in one day flat. Will it be YOU who reads this hot paranormal on the KINDLE grand prize?

This fight isn’t about your favorite book or author. It’s about how many commentors each author can bring in on the fun and prizes. So be sure to score all ten reads and have a blast.

Tell a friend! Tweet, Facebook, blog away about this amazing event. Then email us the details at so we can count your extra entries!

What are you waiting for? Get thee to your FREE ebooks and prizes!
For Cristyn West’s blog, click here, then head to Amber Scott’s here.

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  1. evcarter permalink
    April 30, 2011 6:12 pm

    This sounds like a fantastic book……..right up my alley! I hope it wins! Cant wait to read it!

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