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Tax Relief Indie Book Blowout!

April 13, 2012

Indie Book Blowout Tax ReliefAnnouncing

Tax Relief

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Tax Relief Free Par-Tay

April 12, 2012

Free Par-Tay Tax Relief 2012


Tax Relief

Free Par-Tay

April 13th!

Bummed about Friday the 13th?

About Paying your Taxes? Join us April 13th for




from sweet to HOT

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Fantastic ebooks, many by

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YA Bestseller for a Day: Anew

April 9, 2012

If you are coming off that Hunger Games high and looking for adventure, teen angst, and a sigh-worthy love triangle, you must check out Bestseller for a Day on Thursday, April 12! The first book of Chelsea Fine’s amazing YA paranormal trilogy, Anew (The Archers of Avalon, Book 1), is on sale for just 99 cents. PLUS you can grab 3 other bonus reads on the cheap.

What are people saying about Anew?

“This book enraptured me. Original. Breath-taking. Heart-breaking . . . in all the right ways.” —UtopYA

“Oh my goodness. Anew was so freaking good! The suspense, the intensity, the passion, the chemistry, the romance, the love triangle, the fabulous writing, the best characters ever, the conclusion, (*deep breath*) OMG the conclusion . . . it was all WOW holy cow awesomeness. Anew was a completely original paranormal romance novel.” —Reading Eating Dreaming

“The love triangle in this book is the best kind of triangle . . . one where everyone believes and everyone loves and everyone suffers! The end left me wide-eyed, open-mouthed, and longing desperately for the next book!” —Book Hookup

Two years ago, Scarlet awoke in the forest alone, afraid, and unable to remember anything. Lost and confused, her life was a mystery . . . until she met a boy with a familiar voice.

Gabriel Archer has a voice from her past, and Scarlet is determined to remember why. Gabriel is caring, open, and hiding a brother. When Scarlet finally meets Tristan Archer, her world becomes even more muddled. While she’s instinctively drawn to Gabriel, she’s impossibly attracted to Tristan. Both are part of Scarlet’s mysterious history, a past that might just be the death of her.

More Excitement, More Bonus Buys

On April 12, grab Anew for the incredibly low price of 99 cents and see for yourself why it makes readers sigh with appreciation.

Still in the mood for more supernatural suspense? Bestseller for a Day is offering 3 Bonus Buys you won’t be able to resist. Just purchase Anew at the promotional price; send a friend who you know would love finding a fun, fast-paced read at an awesome price; and grab the 3 Bonus Buys that are the perfect companions reads to Anew.

All the Bonus Buys are just $.99, and each comes with a special deal.

  • Enchantment by Charlotte Abel: Magic faces off with young love in this tale of a young witch slapped with a chastity curse. A Kindle Bestseller Top 20 in Love and Romance.
    Here’s deal #1: Simply purchase Enchantment at the same time as you buy Anew, send an email to with “Rebate” in the subject line, along with your email, Amazon confirmation code, and 5 words from midway through Enchantment and Charlotte will send you the 100% rebate.
  • 7 Folds of Winter by Carolyn McCray: The Winter God has gone mad, dragging the world of Strathos into an eternal blizzard. Can a band of strangers fulfill a broken prophecy or will the prophecy break them and all they hold dear?
    Here’s deal #2: Simply purchase 7 Folds of Winter at the same time as you buy Anew, send an email to with “Rebate” in the subject line, along with your email, Amazon confirmation code, and 5 words from midway through 7 Folds of Winter and Carolyn will send you the 100% rebate.
  • Gifts of the Blood by Vicki Keire: Before her world tilts toward impossible, Caspia Chastain thinks the only strange thing about her is that she sometimes draws the future. But then a stranger named Ethan appears. He’s frightening one moment, caring the next, and looks exactly like the subject of her most violent drawing.
    Here’s deal #3: Simply purchase Gifts of the Blood at the same time as you buy Anew, send an email to with “Rebate” in the subject line, along with your email, Amazon confirmation code, and 5 words from midway through Gifts of the Blood and Vicki will send you the 100% rebate.

Win a Kindle!

By helping us drive Anew by Chelsea Fine to the top of the Kindle lists on April 12, YOU can win, too!

Because Chelsea is giving away a brand new Kindle!

Simply purchase Anew on April 12, then head to Bestseller for a Day and fill out the entry form (located at the top of the righthand column).

You will only need to enter your email address and the first 5 numbers of your Amazon purchase confirmation code!

And tah-dah! You just gained 5 entries to win a Kindle!

Keep up on all Bestseller for a Day Promotions

Subscribe to the newsletter at Bestseller for a Day and stay on top of all the news, the deals, the fun.

Want to have ANOTHER 5 entries with your name on them thrown into the drawing? It’s easy. After you purchase the Bonus Buys—Enchantment, 7 Folds of Winter, and Gifts of the Bloodrace back here and fill out the newsletter form again (don’t worry, we won’t send you duplicate newsletters) and enter your Amazon confirmation code.

Want even more chances to win that Kindle? Tell a friend about these fun, fast-paced books being sold on April 12 at the incredibly low price of 99 cents. Tweet it, Facebook it, spread the word, and we’ll thank you with MORE extra entries.

Just email with the details of where, when, and how!

This Indie Book Collective event is designed to bring you great reads at great prices and push indie authors to the top of the Kindle charts! Events like Bestseller for a Day help authors expand their fan base and be successful. And we all know what successful authors do—they write MORE books to feed your need to read.

April is awesome YA paranormal month at Bestseller for a Day. Get in on the action, romance, and supernatural tomfoolery.

Interested in participating in Bestseller for a Day as a Bonus Buy book? We’re always on the lookout for great indie books to include in our promotions! What’s required? You must be available in eBook format, be on Twitter, and have a blog. Want more info? Contact us at for more information!

Free Par-Tay Was Ground-Breaking Promotional Success

March 26, 2012

On March 14 – 18, thirty-five Indie authors linked arms and kicked off a free promotion, building on the success of our first IBC Free Par-Tay. With over sixty titles representing every genre, the Indie Book Collective’s “Lucky Day’s Free Par-Tay” was out to rock the world of eBook publishing, and by the close of the first day we ran out of superlatives!

By the end of the groundbreaking promotion, the stunning success of the Lucky Day authors had us shaking our heads in astonishment.

The numbers say it all.

Out of 60 titles, we had 16 in Amazon’s Free Top Twenty! At one point we had #1-6 locked down! On top of that, we had an eye-popping 35 titles in the Top 100 Free! And while all of our authors did remarkably well across the board, we had our fair share of genuine rock stars:

Stephanie Bond had three of the top five titles on the free list and continued her amazing success when she moved from the free lists to the paid. She made it into the top five spots on the paid list, and at the writing of this post is claiming the TOP 3 spots in the Movers and Shakers lists. Like all of the authors, Stephanie is effusive in her praise of the event.

“Working with Carolyn McCray, the IBC network, and the Free Par-Tay promotion has been, in a word, career-changing. Carolyn McCray is at the forefront of ebook publishing; her experience as an author and as a promoter make her uniquely qualified to offer a comprehensive roadmap for writers to follow. I’m absolutely on board.”

Of course, Stephanie wasn’t the only one to make headway for Free Par-Tay. Ann Charles, a perennial star, didn’t disappoint. After Ann left the free promotion, her Nearly Departed In Deadwood sat squarely at #20 overall PAID in Amazon Top 20 PAID list for days. Charles says

“IBC rocked my world! Through their events I have learned the value of co-promotion, experienced the power of the strategic use of “Free” marketing, and gained vital knowledge about optimization, cover art, and branding. IBC has the tools you need for a successful writing career.”

Determined to bridge the challenging move from the free lists to the paid, we extended the event adding a three day Indie Book Blowout giving the authors in Lucky Days the advantage of heightened visibility and support in that all important move to the paid list. And once again, the numbers proved the wisdom of that strategic initiative. Two days following the end of Lucky Days Indie Book Blowout, we’ve had 5 titles in the top 100 paid list, an additional 9 titles under 500, and a total of 20 books in the top 1,000 paid titles.

Success by any measure!

But there was an intrinsic, less “measureable” aspect of the event. That was the camaraderie, support, and commitment to each other’s success. When the great numbers came in, we all roared with approval.  When someone started to slip, the gang went into high gear with extra tweets and pats on the back.

Author J. Thorn captured this remarkable element when he noted, “The other writers involved in the Free Par-Tay locked arms in a virtual onslaught of positive energy and enthusiasm for each other that I believe is unprecedented.”

Virna DePaul, another of our super stars, summed it up just as nicely. “In the murky and erratic waters of self-publishing, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lock arms with other dedicated writers; we support one another, cheer each other on, and learn the “secrets” that put a great book in front of thousands of readers.  Thank you to IBC and Carolyn McCray for illuminating the stars and showing us the way.”

Well said, Virna, J., Ann, and Stephanie. And, well done, all!

Are we resting on our laurels? Never! Already we are hard at work planning our next Free Par-Tay and Indie Book Blowout, Spring Fling, May 7-12 with a special Mother’s Day Finale.

Want to change your writing career? Work with dedicated authors who are out to make a splash?  Consider joining us. If Lucky Days is any example, you’ll have the ride of your life!

Questions? Happy to answer them here:



NaNo and You

March 19, 2012

By  Melissa Dalton

I love March. It’s one of my favorite months of the year because we eagerly wave good-bye to winter and embrace the warmth and green and brightness that is spring. In fact, March is one of my favorite months to write because I can take long walks without freezing my toes off and think about where my stories are going, or develop new characters. Everything seems to inspire me—a robin sitting on its nest, a newly budded flower, the blue sky—I find story inspirations everywhere, and my muse is as giddy as a school child at recess when she thinks of all the story possibilities.

March Madness

Spring aside, there’s another major March event that my friends will never let me forget: March Madness. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, March Madness is all about college basketball tournaments. In years gone by, I’ve filled out brackets and joined the company bracket pool with the others, but this year, I’m doing March Madness in my own way. Before I tell you about it, however, I need to ask you a question. Remember that tiny little event we talked about back in November called National Novel Writing Month? You know—the one where we took the challenge and wrote 50,000 words in 30 days? (Hey now, don’t groan at me. I can hear you from all the way over here.)

At the end of November, I told you that I’d be back in the spring with more NaNo news and posts, and I’m excited to tell you that the time has come. It’s time to dust off those manuscripts, flex those writing muscles, and take the next step toward achieving your publishing dreams. I told you that the Indie Book Collective is here to help you reach your writing goals, and that I’d be going through the process with you.

Get out the Red Pen, Baby

This year, as my own version of March Madness, I’m participating in a month-long program for writers called National Novel Editing Month. It’s designed for those pesky little internal editors whose red pens you stole and who you sent on vacation during NaNoWriMo. This month, NaNoEdMo participants gather together and, in traditional NaNoWriMo style, join forces to help push each other to edit their novels. The challenge is to log 50 hours of editing time by the end of the month. And since I know you’re all working hard on your own stories, who wants to join me?

Before you panic and run away at the thought of this challenge, let me assure you that the hardest part is behind us. Writing at least 50,000 words in 30 days is a monstrous task, and if you can do that, then logging 50 editing hours in 31 days will be a piece of cake (and you even have an extra day!). Even if you didn’t make it to 50,000 words in November, you can still participate in NaNoEdMo. The philosophy is the same: at the end of the month, it’s really all about advancing toward your publishing dreams. If you can only log 3 editing hours the whole month, you’re that much closer to having a polished manuscript that’s ready for publication. And the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone. Grab your favorite writing buddy, go to your local writers’ group, or talk to your muse. Tell your friends that you need them to check on your editing status to see how many hours you’ve logged this week. You can do it!

And There’s More!

I’m also excited to tell you that NaNoEdMo is just step two of our journey. In June of this year, the IBC is introducing its own month-long program called National Novel Marketing Month—NaNoMarMo for short. NaNoMarMo is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait for you all to participate. The goal will be to set up and implement your author platform and start marketing your book by the end of June, whether you’ve published it yet or not. We’ll have message boards, a website, prizes, and so much more. The IBC will release more details about this program soon, so keep watching for more info.

* * *

Melissa Dalton is a writer and a book lover, and she has been all her life. Her first novel, Merrick Maples and the Legend of the Lost Stone, which she wrote during NaNoWriMo 2010, will be released in June 2012. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, or at her blog.

Lucky Days Free Par-Tay

March 12, 2012


Lucky Days Free Par-Tay

March 14th-18th!

Discover over 40 amazing ebooks: Romances, Thrillers, Mysteries, Humor, and more!

All FREE at

Fantastic ebooks, many by award-winning and best-selling authors. 

Let’s Par-Tay!

“The wealth of knowledge, experience, and hard work that the amazing IBC staff puts behind the Free Par-Tay events is simply stunning. I am absolutely a lifelong fan. My book, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, not only hit #1 on the Kindle Free Bestseller list (plus several genre lists), it also made it into the top 10 of the Kindle Paid Bestseller list after the Par-Tay, thanks to the careful coaching of Carolyn McCray. IBC is truly the best kept secret in indie pubbing today.” Nina Bruhns

On Feb 2- 4 , Indie Book Collective conducted our first FREE Par-Tay.  Twenty–five authors linked arms in the first ever coordinated FREE event on Amazon.  The results?  PHENOMENAL!

Of the 40 titles in the promotion, all but four ranked in the top 500 FREE and ALL ranked under 1000 FREE.  Moreover we had 10 authors who scored in the top 100 FREE consistently throughout the free promotion.

Our results following the free promotion during the paid cycle were nothing short of amazing.  We had a 79 %rise in rankings overall and our top producers scored an astonishing 89 % rise in rankings. As of this writing many of the books are STILL in the Top 1,000 PAID lists.

Free Par-Tay was a career changing event for me. Enchantment had never been on a best seller list before. It’s now on three. I sold more books in two weeks than I had in the previous 7 months combined. Thank you IBC! Charlotte Abel Enchantment

We are taking everything we learned in our groundbreaking FREE Par-Tay and applying it to LUCKY DAYS.

There’s a genre for every reader’s taste.

You like Romance? We have them. From Romantic Suspense to Humorous  Romance, Paranormal Romance and Historical Romance? We have them all!

Or if Mysteries and Thrillers are your thing you can’t go wrong. Police action, Murderous Mayhem, amateur sleuths and more.

You’ll also find Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Woman’s Fiction…. A fantastic selection!

Got kids? We have books for elementary school age and teens alike.

Don’t miss out! Soon these amazing ebooks will be back to their usual prices. Grab them while they’re FREE! March 14th-18th.

Who says you can have too much of a good thing. You can never have too many great books. Load up your Kindle and tell your neighbors to do the same.

FREE Par-Tay, is a groundbreaking venture to build on the power of KDP Select’s’ Free option and the first program to capitalize on the possibilities our prescient leaders foresaw in the KDP initiative


Will be Biggest and Best FREE Promotion Ever!!!

A Second Life For Your Book

March 5, 2012

by George Sirois

It has already been one year since Carolyn McCray (IBC co-founder) and I shared this conversation and it feels as though it were only yesterday. She had asked me what other stories I had on the horizon, and I mentioned two: the eventual sequel to Excelsior and my 2002 novel From Parts Unknown, which was with iUniverse and should have been formatted as an ebook months ago. She asked me about that 2002 book, and I told her how I accepted an offer from the POD publishers to have my novel turned into an eBook in March of 2010. All I had to do was purchase 25 copies of the paperback, and they would sell them to me at half-price and perform the conversion for free.

Of course, this conversation with iUniverse took place almost a full year before I would join the IBC, so this sounded like a great deal for me. However, months passed and I grew less enchanted with the deal, especially when I discovered that From Parts Unknown would have a $9.99 price tag.

I started re-reading my novel for the first time in years and, much to my chagrin, I didn’t like it anymore. However, I had some ideas on how to make the book much stronger. When I told all of this to Carolyn, she told me something that I would never forget.

“You have to get that book back from them. Then you can do whatever you want with it.”

I contacted iUniverse and told them that they still have not fulfilled their end of the deal they offered me. Therefore, I would like all rights of From Parts Unknown returned and all forms of my book removed from all catalogs. To their credit, they complied and in less than 30 days, I received the letter severing all of my ties with iUniverse.

Now, little more than a year after that fateful conversation, I am still hard at work with rewriting From Parts Unknown. It turns out this rewrite is more difficult than I originally thought, but I can already tell that it’s going to be worth it in the end.

In closing, I offer this suggestion to all of you who may have some abandoned projects sitting in your desk drawer. Give them another read. Find out what worked and what didn’t work. Maybe it’s a supporting character that would fit better in a different story. Maybe the story itself works, but it wasn’t told effectively the first time around. Whatever the case, the work you have slaved over at your computer should not be cast to the forgotten realms of your desk drawer or your hard drive. Especially during a time when it’s easier than ever to share that work with the rest of the world.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you just upload whatever you have, regardless of quality. If I were preaching that, then From Parts Unknown would already be up on Amazon and would have maybe a couple of three-star ratings, making no impact whatsoever. Despite the ultimate fate of the paperback version, there are bigger and better things awaiting this story, but only when all of the rewriting is complete.

So I can’t thank Carolyn enough for giving me this valuable advice, and I hope that when this version of my story is finished and uploaded, you’ll see why I felt it was worthy to have a second life.

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