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Free Par-Tay Was Ground-Breaking Promotional Success

March 26, 2012

On March 14 – 18, thirty-five Indie authors linked arms and kicked off a free promotion, building on the success of our first IBC Free Par-Tay. With over sixty titles representing every genre, the Indie Book Collective’s “Lucky Day’s Free Par-Tay” was out to rock the world of eBook publishing, and by the close of the first day we ran out of superlatives!

By the end of the groundbreaking promotion, the stunning success of the Lucky Day authors had us shaking our heads in astonishment.

The numbers say it all.

Out of 60 titles, we had 16 in Amazon’s Free Top Twenty! At one point we had #1-6 locked down! On top of that, we had an eye-popping 35 titles in the Top 100 Free! And while all of our authors did remarkably well across the board, we had our fair share of genuine rock stars:

Stephanie Bond had three of the top five titles on the free list and continued her amazing success when she moved from the free lists to the paid. She made it into the top five spots on the paid list, and at the writing of this post is claiming the TOP 3 spots in the Movers and Shakers lists. Like all of the authors, Stephanie is effusive in her praise of the event.

“Working with Carolyn McCray, the IBC network, and the Free Par-Tay promotion has been, in a word, career-changing. Carolyn McCray is at the forefront of ebook publishing; her experience as an author and as a promoter make her uniquely qualified to offer a comprehensive roadmap for writers to follow. I’m absolutely on board.”

Of course, Stephanie wasn’t the only one to make headway for Free Par-Tay. Ann Charles, a perennial star, didn’t disappoint. After Ann left the free promotion, her Nearly Departed In Deadwood sat squarely at #20 overall PAID in Amazon Top 20 PAID list for days. Charles says

“IBC rocked my world! Through their events I have learned the value of co-promotion, experienced the power of the strategic use of “Free” marketing, and gained vital knowledge about optimization, cover art, and branding. IBC has the tools you need for a successful writing career.”

Determined to bridge the challenging move from the free lists to the paid, we extended the event adding a three day Indie Book Blowout giving the authors in Lucky Days the advantage of heightened visibility and support in that all important move to the paid list. And once again, the numbers proved the wisdom of that strategic initiative. Two days following the end of Lucky Days Indie Book Blowout, we’ve had 5 titles in the top 100 paid list, an additional 9 titles under 500, and a total of 20 books in the top 1,000 paid titles.

Success by any measure!

But there was an intrinsic, less “measureable” aspect of the event. That was the camaraderie, support, and commitment to each other’s success. When the great numbers came in, we all roared with approval.  When someone started to slip, the gang went into high gear with extra tweets and pats on the back.

Author J. Thorn captured this remarkable element when he noted, “The other writers involved in the Free Par-Tay locked arms in a virtual onslaught of positive energy and enthusiasm for each other that I believe is unprecedented.”

Virna DePaul, another of our super stars, summed it up just as nicely. “In the murky and erratic waters of self-publishing, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lock arms with other dedicated writers; we support one another, cheer each other on, and learn the “secrets” that put a great book in front of thousands of readers.  Thank you to IBC and Carolyn McCray for illuminating the stars and showing us the way.”

Well said, Virna, J., Ann, and Stephanie. And, well done, all!

Are we resting on our laurels? Never! Already we are hard at work planning our next Free Par-Tay and Indie Book Blowout, Spring Fling, May 7-12 with a special Mother’s Day Finale.

Want to change your writing career? Work with dedicated authors who are out to make a splash?  Consider joining us. If Lucky Days is any example, you’ll have the ride of your life!

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