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That Little Blue Bird–Twitter

February 6, 2012

By Chelsea Fine

Twitter’s mascot is this little, harmless blue bird. See?  I think Twitter chose this adorable, small creature as an icon on purpose. Because bluebirds aren’t scary.


Twitter, however? Terrifying.


At least for me. When I was new to the world of publishing and self-promotion, there was nothing more nerve-wracking than the overwhelming world of Twitter.


That little blue bird would mock me every time I tried to navigate my way through the endless sea of self-promotion and followers. I was lost, confused, and completely clueless.


Geez, my hands are getting sweaty just thinking back to my early days on Twitter. The dark days.


The days when I wasn’t selling any books.


After a lifetime of hopes and dreams, I had published my first book. I loaded it onto Amazon, dusted off my hands and started to retreat back into my hole of writing to work on my next book.


But then reality smacked me in the face! I had to market my book.


After hyperventilating at the thought, I set off on an Internet search for help with marketing. And, lo and behold, I stumbled upon the Indie Book Collective.


And, yes, I literally stumbled upon this fantastic organization because, heaven knows, my feeble fingers wouldn’t have been able to find such a goldmine of knowledge and resources on their own.


I scanned the IBC’s webpage and was delighted to find a list of ways to market your book. And way number one? Twitter.


(Cue scary music.)


Just as I was about to click away in search of other, less-terrifying ways to sell my story, I noticed the Indie Book Collective offered a FREE social media class—specifically designed for Twitter-phobes like me!


I attended the online workshop with no expectations. After all, one social media class wasn’t going to ease my Twitter fears…right?




In one workshop, I learned more than I could have imagined about:


  • Gaining followers fast
  • Twitter Lists and how to use them
  • Tweeting the branded way
  • And Etiquette


But most of all? I learned not to be afraid.


And once I started to view Twitter as an effective marketing tool (rather than a jungle of nonsense) I started to sell books.


Imagine that!


I even mustered up the courage to self-promote with confidence. I let people know who I was and what I had written. And soon enough, I had followers.


But more importantly? I had readers!


Thanks to the Indie Book Collective’s Social Media Workshop, I’ve been able to build a wonderful network of Twitter friends and fans. And I actually like being on Twitter. I prefer it, in fact. When I wake up in the morning, the first window I open on my computer is my Twitter page.


Hmm…maybe that little blue bird on Twitter isn’t so scary after all….


Chelsea Fine grew up (and still live) in the Phoenix, AZ area where she studied Design at Arizona State University. During college, she also took her first creative writing class, which is how she feel in love with writing. Then, one day in 2007, she found herself working at a credit union, staring at a computer screen, and bored out of her mind. She promptly opened up Word and began writing a story…to kill time. (She knows, what a terrible employee.) But eight pages and forty-five minutes later, she realized she was actually having fun. And kept writing.

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  1. March 9, 2012 4:20 pm

    I can relate…I am completely terrified of the little blue bird! I just can’t comprehend the whole thing. How does it work? How do you actually reach anyone? How can it help making my book known? Sigh. Overwhelming. :o(

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