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Special Bestseller for a Day: We Heart You

February 2, 2012

Not to get mushy or anything, but it is February and it is the one-year birthday of Bestseller for a Day! To say thank you to our readers and reviewers for a great year, we are sending out lots of love with a FREE brand-new romance anthology, 8 Hearts Beat as One.

8 Hearts Beat as One is the Bestseller for a Day on Thursday, February 2! And it’s free. This collection will steam up your Kindle window with love stories by best-selling authors Carolyn McCray, Amber Scott, Ann Charles, Ben Hopkin, Taylor Lee, Elena Gray, Jonathan Gould, and Kelli McCracken. #wow #IthinkIneed oxygen

But we’re throwing a party. So we need more FREE stuff. How about offering you FOUR more free books? Yes, on this special Bestseller for a Day, you can get the following books for just a click:

Pet Whisperer…er…rrr by Carolyn McCray & Ben Hopkin

Play Fling by Amber Scott

Nearly Departed in Deadwood by Ann Charles

The Mancode: Exposed by Rachel Thompson

Every time you pick up a free read in Bestseller for a Day you’re eligible for an entry into a drawing for a Kindle. That’s five chances to win a Kindle!

This Indie Book Collective event is designed to push indie authors to the top of the Kindle charts! Readers get great books at great prices (this time FREE), and authors get the promotional push to be successful. And we all know what successful authors do—they write MORE books to feed your need to read.

Here’s your to-do list on February 2: grab 8 Hearts Beat as One at the free promotional price; send a friend who you know would love finding a fun, fast-paced read for free; and also get the 4 free bonus reads that are the perfect companion to this Valentine’s Day sigh-out-loud anthology. Then hop over to BESTSELLER FOR A DAY and fill out the entry form (located at the top of the right hand column) for 5 entries to win a Kindle!

Still want more free reads? Head over to our Free Par-Tay! It’s going to be quite a day. You better rest up.

Come to FREE PAR-TAY February 2-4

In the beginning of January, we asked a select group of authors: Are you interested in spending the next three weeks working on a promotion that can change your writing career? We followed up with this bold statement. If so, Free Par- Tay is for you!

Anyone associated with book publishing knows the impact Amazon and KDP Select had on the pre- and post-Christmas sales season.  It sent seismic quakes through the industry.

The Lending Library and glut of free books churned up a firestorm of reaction—but true to IBC’s entrepreneurial spirit, we saw the opportunity inherent within KDP Select and have discovered ways to capitalize on the new opportunity to control our “Free” promotions.

Thus was born Free Par-Tay!

During the Christmas season we designed a series of highly successful experiments to leverage KDP Select and the Free option. As a result, we marched nine titles into the top 100 Free Kindle books that went on to port over to the 100 TOP PAID Kindle books. That’s right, you read that correctly. TOP 100 PAID.

As of this writing, many of the books are STILL in the Top 1,000 PAID lists.

Add to that the fact that Carolyn McCray and Amber Scott, founders of Indie Book Collective, were among the top ten Kindle Owner’s Lending Library authors for December and featured in a nationwide Amazon press release, we are pretty stoked about our newest promotion Free Par-Tay!

Free Par-Tay is a groundbreaking venture to build on the power of KDP Select’s Free option and the first program to capitalize on the possibilities our prescient leaders foresaw in the KDP initiative.

On February 2-4, a carefully selected group of authors will work together to cross-promote each other’s books, and we hope raise them into the upper reaches of the bestselling lists. What’s in it for you? Come join us and get over 40 titles for FREE. 

Our goal? We want to help lift the entire event’s average FREE ranking to <1,000 and PAID ranking (within 72 hours of coming off free) to <2,000.

KDP Select and the FREE Option is turning e-book publishing on its head!

Here at IBC, the Free Par-Tay is our response. We hope to rock the publishing world and make a few seismic quakes of our own!

Interested in participating in Bestseller for a Day as a Bonus Buy book? We’re always on the lookout for great indie books to include in our promotions! What’s required? You must be available in eBook format, be on Twitter, and have a blog. Want more info? Contact us at for more information!

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