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Masquerade Day 5!

October 21, 2011

Sadly all good things must come to an end…

But there are still plenty of treats left!

Four days down. Two to go!

Are you late to the party? #noworries For Day 1, click HERE.  Day 2, click HERE. Day 3, click HERE.  Day 4, click HERE.

and make the rounds, cause this party isn’t going to stop until 10/24 when we have the big reveal!

For the party animals that have been rockin’ with us since Monday, were you able to guess who was behind the mask? Good for you! Cause you scored some extra Kindle entries.

For those that didn’t, you still scored 8 ebooks, so everyone is a winner! #ohyeah

Today’s party crashers are at Jackie Chanel‘s blog where she is gifting a copy of Change of Heart and M. Todd Gallowglas‘s blog where you can grab First Chosen. Put your thinking caps on and pay attention to the clues. If you’ve been keeping track, there are only 4 authors left to choose from.

Our final two party stops are tomorrow, so rest up!

Oh and be sure to tell your friends! Tweet, FB and blog about it. The more the merrier! Your friends will thank you for it.


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