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Masquerade Day 2!

October 18, 2011

Welcome to Day 2 of what’s proving to be a fan fave among all Blog Tour de Force tours–Masqeurade.

But first, did you get in on guessing who’s haunting Amber Scott’s place? Did you get your cocktail served up at Maxwell Cynn’s?

If so, then you scored up to 4 FREE ebooks!

#goyou #score

If not, it isn’t too late because we’re keeping this up all week long.

Where are you heading today? Over to Belinda Boring’s where you can score a copy of her “Cherished” and then on to Vicki Keire’s for “Gifts of the Blood.”

What will each author have up for grabs in addition to your free ebook just for commenting? You’ll have to see for yourself.

While you’re there, be sure to guess who is under that mask because it isn’t Vicki and Belinda at their blogs–it is a fellow tour author. Every correct guess scores you extra entries toward that KINDLE!

You didn’t forget, did you? We love to give Kindles away and with the Kindle Touch out soon, can you blame us?

Want to get a reminder for the next stop? Just head to and we’ll send a love note every tour date with links. You’ll get more entries, too, if you sign up for the newsletter!

Now, sneak on over. Shhhhh….if you’re quiet, we bet you’ll catch what authors are under those disguises….



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