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October 10, 2011

Ever wish there was a way to get lots of people to read your blog posts? Wouldn’t that be terrific?

Well, we’ve got a way and it is terrific!

Every Monday for the past year or so, you may have seen this hashtag (where people on Twitter use the # sign) with these words: #MentionMonday.

Some people use it to mention a bunch of people to follow that maybe they forgot about on Friday during #FollowFriday aka #FF. But we’re not here to discuss that today.

It may surprise you to know that this is not what our founder, Carolyn McCray, created #MentionMonday for. Yep, #MentionMonday is her brainchild. #ofcourseitis

Carolyn created it as a way for writers to showcase their very best writing on Twitter. It’s actually designed very specifically for you to share your blog posts! And, to retweet other writers as well. Think of it as awesome writer karma. One entire day devoted to writers, where we tweet and retweet each other, all in the name of supporting each other, getting more followers, exposure, and increasing our reach and frequency at the same time.

How awesome is that?

So, how does it work? We get asked that a lot! Let’s review some of the key components of #MentionMonday.

1) What do I do? Each Monday on the IBC stream (@IndieBookIBC) we give lots of examples because we ourselves have not only our own IBC blog posts that we send out, but also many of our volunteer staff posts… as well as any other author who participates.

The format is quite simple and does not vary:

  • Hashtag (#MentionMonday);
  • blurb (where you say what your post is about in an interesting way);
  • title (keep it short);
  • shortened link (use,, or some other shortening service);
  • and Plz RT (that’s the call to action; without it people forget to retweet (RT)!)

All this must fit into no more than 120 characters total. You may be thinking, wait a second. Tweets can be 140 characters, right? Sure. But not if you want a retweet (RT)! And that is the entire reason for participating in #MentionMonday – to have more eyes see your work, right? And the way to do that is to get as many RTs as possible.

Here are some examples:

(Posted by @IndieBookIBC):

#MentionMonday One whole year has gone by — can you believe it? Happy Birthday #IBC! Join us! Plz RT

(Posted by @ParaYourNormal):

#MentionMonday Fallen angels & demons…#ohmy Our interview w/ Sarah Gilman giveaway Plz RT!

(Posted by @RachelintheOC):

#MentionMonday The original #Mancode post, baby MEN ARE FROM SEINFELD, WOMEN ARE FROM FRIENDS Plz RT

2) Who can participate in #MentionMonday? Anyone who wants to share their best writing. I myself switched my blog schedule to once weekly and to Mondays only because of the outstanding amount of hits I receive on Mondays. From a purely analytic point of view, I get at least three times the number of views on #MentionMondays than any other day.

3) How do I find other writers who are participating? Super easy. Simply go to the search bar and enter the term #MentionMonday. There you’ll find every tweet entered with that hashtag. There will be plenty! And remember this: many will not have anything to do with this meme.

(As I mentioned above, many people use #MentionMonday in a completely different way, as more of a way to mention people. We don’t recommend doing this, as it clouds your stream. Save your mentions for #WriterWednesday #WW or #FollowFriday #FF.)

In addition, you can simply come on over to the @IndieBookIBC stream, as we RT pretty much every correctly formatted #MentionMonday tweet.

4) Why should I bother? What’s in it for me? Most writers who get involved with posting on Mondays are shocked at not only how many new Twitter followers they acquire each week but also how many new blog followers and blog views they receive. Also, the reach and frequency of your tweets (how many times your tweets are RTd, then RTd again and again) is phenomenal.

Twitter is the ultimate free marketing tool. This is an excellent opportunity to market your best writing to an eager audience who wants to help and support you. Why wouldn’t you want to participate?

5) But I’m intimidated. Is my writing good enough? We hear that a lot. Are you writing so nobody will read it? Um, no. If you’re not sure if your posts are up to par, ask someone to read it for you. Read what we’ve posted. Follow along for a few weeks. Go back in and update and edit. There’s no rule that says you can’t repost older material if it’s great, right?

6) Will I be too promotional? I don’t want to spam my followers. That’s a valid concern. We’re all about the content to promo ratio. However, #MentionMonday is the one day of the week where people understand that it’s a blog meme. The hashtag explains that you’re a part of promotion. So don’t forget the hashtag! And be conscious of being less promotional the next day or so. Provide tweets with great content and less links.*

*For more information on content vs. promotional tweeting, and lots of other great information about branding, Twitter, and marketing, take our free social media webinar the IBC offers the first Tuesday of each month. Click here for more info on all our webinars.

I hope this has explained fully the concept and multiple benefits of #MentionMonday. Now the rest is up to you!

See you next Monday!

Rachel Thompson (aka RachelintheOC) is the author of the consistently 5/5 star reviewed humorous and at times, poignant, collection of essays, A Walk In The Snark(released 1/2011), which recently hit #1 on the Amazon Motherhood Kindle list (beating out the likes of Jenny McCarthy and Tori Spelling!), after just a few months of release and has consistently stayed on the Amazon Top Humor Lists.

In May, 2011 A Walk In The Snark hit #1 on Smashwords Entertainment Bestseller list also.

Her latest non-fiction endeavor, “Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-publishing Success” (co-authored with Carolyn McCray and Amber Scott) debuted at #1 on Amazon’s “Authorship” bestselling list in June, 2011.

Rachel is also one of the cofounders of the Indie Book Collective, an organization with over 8,000 members dedicated to helping authors utilize social media to the fullest to sell their books.  The Collective offers free workshops, a live advice radio show, innovative programs such as Blog Tour de Force & Bestseller for a Day, and so much more to its members.

You can find Rachel most days on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, giving daily tips on the IndieBookIBC Twitter stream, contributing posts to the IBC blog or her own popular blog, giving free social media workshops for writers, promoting her current book or working on her next book, The Mancode: Exposed.

She lives in the OC, aka Orange County, CA (home of Disneyland). Somewhere in there, this redhead in a sea of blondes fits in being a full-time wife and mom to her two young children and just one husband. She loves coffee, dirty martinis, and sleep.

Rachel and the IBC were recently profiled (April 13, 2011) in the Huffington Post Books section, regarding social media and ePublishing.

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  1. October 10, 2011 3:07 am

    I will definitely be retweeting until I feel ready for prime time! Thanks for clearing it up…now I’ll need to be on my Twitter toes on Monday as well as Wednesday & Friday. Oh, the pressure! LOL.

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