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Change is in the air….

August 29, 2011

Let’s look at some left brain stats:

  • • 4 Months
    • 200+ Submissions
    • 1000+ Twitter Followers
    • Solid Goodreads & Facebook presence

Proof good ideas have the power to create change, and in the cases of some of our authors, success. The 99¢ Network, an Indie Book Collective initiative, is proving independent authors can find success at the $2.99 to 99¢ price point as they reach new readers and gain loyal fans.

The 99¢ Network, brain child of IBC founder Carolyn McCray, is a portal for member author titles, linking directly to major retailer points of purchase such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Value minded readers love the site because they know they won’t go broke taking a chance on new authors and new titles.

It’s a classic win-win.

Now let’s make it more interesting:

The Indie Book Blowout powered by IBC and the 99¢ Network!

Labor Day Weekend, September 2-5, the Indie Book Blowout goes live with an entire site dedicated to full length ebooks for just 99¢. Titles normally $2.99 and higher will all be reduced for the duration of the sale.

This ad-driven sales event is expected to attract thousands of fans already devoted to indie writers and who are looking to score value priced titles. To make it even more enticing, there’s $100 in gift cards up for grabs and a Kindle give-away.

Traditional publishing is sagging while independent authors create new marketing models and test how to reach readers directly. Publishers and agents are now watching us to learn 21st century book marketing skills in an industry that’s seen little change since Guttenberg.

Want to know more?
• No listing fee
• Member Authors must support through their own social marketing
• Content & Cover subject to staff approval
Sign up here

        • $15 Buy in to cover advertising
        • Member Authors must support through their own social marketing

Judith Gaines writes suspense fiction, with debut novel Perfect Copy recently holding the #1 Best Seller position on Smashwords Suspense/Thriller list and as high as #17 in Best Selling Fiction.  Two new novels are due to release in 2011 focused on the underworld commodity of priceless stolen art.  Anatomy of a Lie features a rather lucky, unlucky reporter investigating an international art scandal.  WIRED jets from Paris to snow-bound Chicago in search of a priceless Van Gogh painting which suddenly surfaces after more than 35 years.

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