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May 9, 2011

How can it be that less than a year ago the Indie Book Collective came to be? With such hugely successful programs and such rapidly spreading buzz, it feels like we’ve been at this for years. Carolyn McCray is famous for her awesome ideas. IBC and most of our programs are her brain babies. Rachel Thompson and Amber Scott buckle in for each idea’s ride and implement them at Carolyn’s side.

What is the Indie Book Collective all about? Authors. Authors who want to take control of their careers and pay forward what they’ve learned along the way. IBC’s community attitude is infectious. IBC is innovation and enthusiasm.

Not, what’s in it for me? What’s in it for we?

Why would we care about so many careers besides our own? Because like the story goes, if you teach a man to fish, he’ll never go hungry. Carolyn’s Kindle bestselling success breeds Rachel’s success, which carries over into Kimberly Kinrade’s career boost, who tells her readers about Amber Scott’s amazing website where they also discover Erin Quinn’s latest release and the web of success tangles and grows.

And there is always room for more. How do you join the Indie Book Collective?

Talk the talk…

1. Follow @indiebookibc on Twitter. RT the tweets you like!

2. Talk indie using #indiebookibc and #ibc hashtags in your Twitter conversations every day.

3. Rock the logo. Put the IBC logo on your website and link it to the Indie Book Collective website or blog or forum.

4. Join the Indie Book Collective forum and start conversations, ask questions, get to know your fellow indie authors.

5. LIKE Indie Book Collective on Facebook. LIKE our programs there, too: Bestseller For A Day, Blog Tour de Force, and Blog Tour de Troops.

6. Cross promote your peer indie authors by reading their books, following them on Twitter, LIKE-ing their pages on Facebook, their books on Amazon. Review peer books on Amazon with honest reviews. Even reading, LIKE-ing, reviewing one new author a month makes a difference. “Promote unto others as you’d have promoted unto you.”

Walk the walk…

7. Promote and support our programs. Bestseller For a Day is making authors dreams come true and we can scale Amazon Kindle charts. Blog Tour de Force brings readers and authors together in a blast of fun. Blog Tour de Troops rallies authors and sponsors to get great books and care packages to the men and women who safeguard our freedom. Tweet about our programs, comment on the tours and grab your copy of the current Bestseller For a Day ebook.

8. Sign up! Attend one of our monthly FREE workshops on Social Media. Email us to be considered for one of the blog tours. Investigate what Bestseller For a Day can do for your ebook and career.

9. Behind the scenes. The IBC programs are catching on faster than we have the staff for. There is always something behind the scenes we need help with. Volunteer to help out and learn how to boost your career and sales from the trenches. Email us at for current openings.

10. Sign up for our newsletter so you can stay on top of each program, each author, each fresh new idea. Then spread the word. Why? Because we’re in it for we.

11. Listen in, call in. Our Blog Talk Radio shows have a burgeoning audience we want you in on. Listen to our shows. “Follow” them. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Call in with comments and questions on hot topics and for amazing authors.

12. Join the 99centNetwork! It’s a website: It’s a stream! @99centnetwork. It’s a Thursday hashtag trend! #99centNetwork. Don’t talk about your book, talk about your peers in the network and watch the sales flourish!

13. #TagitTuesday! We all know how important that Amazon LIKE button is. And don’t forget the keywords. Not only does it help Amazon populate you to shoppers, it shows readers you’re an established and popular author they are safe to try. Again, promote others every Tuesday with a Tweet and a link.

These are the things any traditional publisher looks for in their authors. We’re just doing it for ourselves. Because it takes a village to raise a book, a career and an Indie Book Collective right.

The results speak for themselves:

March 2011—Carolyn McCray was featured on a panel on the publishing industry and the future of the novel at SXSW! Her points on the panel created waves and earned her and the IBC national attention. DigitalBookWorld then asked Carolyn to contribute a series on how authors can succeed and her actionable articles were featured on the front page!

April 2011—Three of the four Bestseller For a Day titles reach the top ten on several Kindle genre lists including #1 on Men’s Adventure by 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray. Plus, the Sustainable Sales portion of the program proves powerful with Irish Moon by Amber Scott holding strong in the top 50 on two Kindle lists.

Indie Book Collective’s own Rachel Thompson featured in Huffington Post article by @2morrowknight talking all about IBC!

Kelli McCracken invited to contribute to, Rachel Thompson vlog shown on The Talk, George Sirois’ novel Excelsior from Get Loaded Blog Tour de Force tour makes the top 250 finalists in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and much more!

July 2011 Carolyn McCray, Amber Scott and Rachel Thompson invited to speak on two panels at the New York city Indie Book Event.

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  1. May 9, 2011 12:17 pm

    Congrats on all of your success! I’m happy to be one of your promoters on Twitter.

  2. denise permalink
    May 9, 2011 1:19 pm

    This is great! I have just been following a few months and have watched your growth and it has been amazing. Thanks for sharing with me, I have really enjoyed it. Thank you also for the heads up on the 99 cent network – I went right over and signed up!

  3. May 19, 2011 7:17 am

    Congratulations, everyone! You’re doing amazing work!

  4. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 28, 2011 11:57 am

    i was here yesterday and i for got to leave my e-mail address it is and all are troops that are out and fighting for us please be safe and get home to your families safe and have a great and safe day.

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