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Cage Match Day 3: John Sundman V. Kimberly Kinrade

April 20, 2011

WHOA! These authors are NOT kidding around. Have you seen the smack and comments flying?

Today is Day 3 in the Blog Tour de Force author Cage Match!

In this corner…John Sundman:

“Ms. Kimberly Kinrade’s debut work of fiction, “Bits of You & Pieces of Me”, is a kaleidoscopic collection of stories, poems and fragments informed by a deep emotional melange of loss, betrayal and hope. Anybody with a heart will relate to it.

John Sundman’s Acts of the Apostles is an award-winning biopunk thriller that has been giving readers nightmares for more than a decade. Although many people like the book, in general it appeals to geeks and weirdos. Sundman’s books ain’t for everybody. You might want to think twice before picking it up.

But put these two writers into a steel cage, and all bets are off. It’s sad, it’s not nice, it’s unfair, but it’s a fact: Mr. Sundman is just going to stomp all over Ms. Kinrade — in the friendliest way possible, of course–in the blog tour de force battle of dueling comments. So go to their sites, leave a comment, get your free ebooks and get your name entered into the “win a kindle” contest. But please budget some time to console Kimberly at the end of the day. The poor dear will be nursing her wounds, wondering what hit her.” (click here for John’s blog)

Facing off….Kimberly Kinrade!

“John Sundmus thinks he has this in the bag with his award winning cyber punk thriller of creepiness. Sure it gave me nightmares and kept me off my computer for days. #whateve

My book BITS OF YOU & PIECES OF ME will do more than scare you. It will make you laugh, cry and feel deeply. It will make you think about life differently. #itwillchangeyou

But this isn’t about our books. This is about comments. And here is where I am going to rock his world and make him bleed. Why throw more comments my way? #besidesthecutenessfactor? How about an epic surprise gift bag? #youwillloveit

So let my worthy opponent feel manly for a few more days. Because come April 20th he will be crying like a little girl. #truestory” (click here for Kimberly’s blog)

Coming in late to ringside and want your FREE ebooks?

As you wish!

Hit up Rachel Thompson for A Walk in the Snark here.

Grab Monogamy Sucks by George Pappas here.

Score Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott here.

Snag Plain Jane by Cristyn West (aka Carolyn  McCray) here.

Your comments count as punches in this match for the championship title. Who’s game is it? Any author’s!

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  1. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 27, 2011 10:47 am

    well i hope are troops will be safe and come home to their families soon.

  2. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 28, 2011 12:35 pm

    i was here yesterday and i forgot to give my e-mail address it is

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