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Cage Match Day 2: Rachel Thompson v. George Pappas

April 19, 2011

If ever there was a battle of the sexes…today is the day. Two very different books will swing out seriously opposing points of view.

It’s #Mancode and #Chickspeak of “A Walk In The Snark” versus the swinger lifestyle in “Monogamy Sucks.” What do these two have to tell you?

In Rachel’s corner…

“April 19, 2001 Blog Tour de Force Cage Match Edition is so on, baby.

Get ready to rumble!

Well, in this case, get ready to snark. Cuz that’s what the Queen of Snark, @RachelintheOC does. She talks a big game and delivers to her helpless opponent, @GPWriter.

Rachel Thompson, author of A Walk In The Snark takes on George Pappas, author of Monogamy Sucks on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 in an all out war between the sexes. Chickspeak vs Mancode, Venus vs Mars, Monogamy vs Monogamy Sucks! *Eye roll*

What does this mean for you, dear reader? Easy. Free eBooks! Visit both blogs and get your eBook on! Whoever leaves a comment for either author gets a free eBook. Easy right? (Remember, NO KINDLE REQUIRED!)

Not so fast. Because she needs you to tell all your friends and neighbors and heck, even their cats, how amazingly cool you think this snarky @RachelintheOC chick is…because whichever author receives the most comments on their blog on Tuesday wins and moves on to the semi-final round! We don’t want some swinger dude (the main character in George’s novel) to beat Rachel, now do we? #asif

Come on—this guy thinks when a chick says “I’m fine,” he should respond with “Yes, you are.” He clearly doesn’t speak Prada.

Chicks of the world, unite!

Support one of our own!

So come over to for a free eBook, show your support, share Snark with your friends, and spread some Chickspeak gospel!

Let George Pappas and his alter ego Jake Dalmas know their Mancode ain’t got nothin’ on Chick Power, baby!


In George’s corner…

“Are you ready for a snarky rumble?

The King of Swing, George Pappas and his novel Monogamy Sucks meets the Queen of Snark, Rachel Thompson and her novel A Walk in the Snark today in an epic showdown.

Mancode vs. Swinger’s Code…

Those with most comments on their blog wins. It’s truly a snarky fight to the finish. But you dear readers are the real winner. You will get a free copy of his e-book by leaving a comment on George Pappas’ blog and you will get a shot at winning a Swinger’s Survival Kit.  George Pappas’ novel is wild ride that he DARES you to embark on. Just check out the glowing Amazon reviews. You won’t regret it and have no doubt you’ll get hooked on his character Jake Dalmas’ journey.

Don’t you want to read George Pappas’ provocative novel on the KINDLE grand prize?

Of course you do! So comment here MOST for more entries and to put the gender battle title where it belongs! With Monogamy Sucks!

Are you really going let George Pappas and his character Jake Dalmas get taken down by the Mancode and Chickspeak?  That would suck almost as much as monogamy does…

May the best snark win…”

Don’t forget to send a friend! Tweet, Facebook, blog away then tell us who, how and when in an email to for extra entries!

Who’s in the lead? At this point, it is ANY author’s game….

Tomorrow’s fight pits Kimberly Kinrade “Bits of You & Pieces of Me” against John Sundman Acts of the Apostles.” See you ringside!

Authors: Interested in getting in on our future tours? Email us at for information on Menage Blog (July) and Blog Tour de Troops (Memorial Day Weekend.)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. denise permalink
    April 19, 2011 1:50 pm

    Heading over now for the smackdown!!! thanks for the reminder!

  2. Jessica Tran permalink
    May 27, 2011 6:25 pm

    well i hope after i read this i do not get scary of the day that i need to get one of them.

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