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SXSW’s “Self-Publishing: A Report From The Trenches”

March 14, 2011

Yep, this was the IBC’s first big outing. We did in fact leave our comfy homes (and Twitter) to spread the message that “Indie isn’t a Bad Word!” into the ‘real world.’ 

So with much excitement and a little bit of apprehension @Craftycmc and @RachelintheOC hit the road to Austin, Texas this weekend for a #SXSW aptly named panel: “Self-Publishing: A Report from the Trenches.”  If you are reading this live, you can go to the #FutureofNovel hashtag and check out the live feed from the event ( @RachelintheOC ‘s fingers were flying! ).

An amazing panel that we were invited onto thanks to @jsundmanus (a great author himself).  @Craftycmc joined the panel’s moderator @JaneFriedman (of Writer’s Digest fame) and fourth panelist @NDGalland (fantastic author herself and contributor to Mongoliad). 

We can’t tell you how exciting it was for Carolyn ( @craftycmc ) to be sitting up there on a panel of such amazing experts on the self-publishing experience.  We don’t want to go blow by blow (although we should have an audio file of the entire panel up on BTR soon, be looking for tweets/facebook updates).

But what we can say is that the panel was informative, feisty, and fun!  We talked Twitter, author’s getting their head into a marketing space, and of course the stigma still attached (but waning every so slowly) to self-publishing.

There were lots of great questions from the audience (how important is a back list to your sales, what is the difference between a marketing campaign regarding non-fiction and fiction book, how can I grow my Twitter account) and enough disagreement between the panelists to keep things interesting!

If you weren’t there, we totally missed you!

And best of all, after the panel we were approached by several national publications to discuss the IBC’s mission!  We could not have asked for a better panel and outcome!

Tune into our BTR radio show tomorrow night (Tues 4:30PM PST) to get the full scoop on the fun and don’t forget that this week is our very own @AmberScottBooks #BestsellerforaDay… “Irish Moon,” March 16th, just in time for St. Patrick’s day!

And be on the look out for next week’s @RachelintheOC’s part 3 on the importance of blogging to book sales!


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  1. March 16, 2011 12:25 pm

    This is exactly what the indie community needs. I’m checking out BTR to see if there is more on this panel discussion, sounds interesting to say the least!

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