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The State Of Indie

March 7, 2011


  • is now selling more Kindle ebooks than paperbacks.
  • Since the beginning of the year, for every 100of a paperbacks sold, Amazon sold 115of its Kindle ebook edition.
  • During this same time period Amazon has sold 3X as many Kindle ebooks as hardcover books. This is across’s entire U.S. book business and includes sales of books with no Kindle edition. *Free Kindle books are excluded.(ComputerWorld, 1/2011.)

Why indie? Why create a collective? Why now?


Um, go back to the top and reread those sentences. This is an incredible time to be a writer. Never in the history of publishing have there been such incredibly rich opportunities for authors of all genres to have their work available in seconds to such diverse audiences.


Now, to stand out in the crowd!


That is exactly the purpose behind our program Bestseller For A Day – to help drive one indie title up the Amazon charts.

And boy did we.

Our maiden voyage you might remember was Amber Scott’s Play Fling which out of 5,000,000 books topped out at #1257 top Kindle paid titles.

Last week, however we saw Carolyn McCray’s controversial thriller 30 Pieces of Silver crash through the 1,000 mark and skyrocket to #183. AND it became the #1 Kindle title in the Men’s Adventure category!

To give you some perspective, 30 Pieces of Silver sold 257 copies in one day, generated over $3,000 in royalties in February and (in prep for Bestseller For A Day), sold more than 1,500 copies (over 1,000 of those at $3.99).

30 Pieces of Silver is now in a program we call Sustainable Sales where we translate the success of Bestseller For A Day to create a long-term, profit-generating sales platform on

How is that going? Um….already this month, 30 Pieces of Silver has sold over 600 copies and is generating about $100/day PROFIT.

So, it’s no wonder why Carolyn has been asked (long before her Bestseller For A Day success) to sit on a SXSW panelSelf Publishing: A Report from the Trenches.”

If you’re going to be in Austin this Saturday, head on over to our panel. If you can’t make it to Texas, no worries! Carolyn and Rachel will be live tweeting the heck out of it and next week’s blog will recap all the excitement of SXSW!

Also next week we have another title that is entered into our Sustainable Sales program, Amber Scott’s Irish Moon (we guess she likes being a guinea pig J). We’re having a mini-Bestseller For A Day on March 16th, but would love MAJOR support from our collective for Amber! We’ve moved Rachel’s Bestseller For A Day promotion for her hilarious book, A Walk in the Snark, to April 6th so watch for more news to come on that.

What is the take-home lesson for this blog? Get OUT there! Whether you participate in any of our programs: free social media workshops, Join The Stream Club, Blog Tour de Force, Bestseller For A Day, Sustainable Sales, or your own promotions, just get out there and SELL!

For more detailed information about our programs, go to the IBC site, Blog Tour de Force, or Bestseller For A Day.

And tune in tomorrow (every Tuesday at 4:30pm PST) for our radio show for more details from Carolyn, Rachel, and Amber. Call and ask your questions LIVE! We want to HEAR from you!!

Until next week!


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