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Collective Success–Bestseller for a Day

February 28, 2011

Indie authors are in a unique position. We are able to control so many aspects of our product from the content of the book, to the cover art to our brand.

The downside to being indie?

No marketing department. Usually no substantial marketing budget.

We have to go out into the wilds and make a name for ourselves.

After about 6 months of really working social media, I realized that I, by my lonesome, was not going to be able to sell the number of books that I wanted to.  I looked around and saw the vast majority of people selling books consistently were authors that had banded together somehow to multiply their marketing efforts.

With my traditional publishing background, I saw that these groups were thinking smaller than I was. I didn’t just want to sell books, I wanted to challenge NY bestsellers.

So with that in mind I helped co-found the Indie Book Collective and in a scant 6 months later we are realizing our goals in the form of Bestseller for a Day.

This is where we turn all of our marketing efforts to a single title driving them as far up the Kindle Bestseller Lists as possible.

On Valentine’s Day we supported Amber Scott’s “Play Fling” driving it up into the low thousands on Kindle.

Today we are supporting my controversial historical thriller “30 Pieces of Silver.”

It already has broken the 1,000 barrier and dipped into the low hundreds on Kindle’s overall bestseller lists (simply a by product of prepping for Bestseller for a Day).

We as a collective have a fantastic opportunity today to help drive an indie title into the hyper-competitive Top 100 Paid Kindle Titles.

This is our chance to show NY that indies have got what it takes to compete!

So I ask you today to invest 99 cents into YOUR career by purchasing “30 Pieces of Silver.”

Will your purchase help me too? Of course, but in a collective, anyone’s success is everyone’s success.

The more NY and the press start to look at the indie pool as untapped talent, the better it is for all of us!

So head over to and purchase “30 Pieces of Silver” for a scant 99 cents then watch closely as we challenge that ever-exclusive Top 100 Paid Kindle titles.

Want to one day be the Bestseller for a Day title? Then SHOW your support. Don’t just buy “30 Pieces of Silver,” but encourage everyone you know to buy it as well.  Utilize your social media platforms; shout it out on Twitter, RT our promos for “30 Pieces of Silver,” post on your Facebook page, get on GoodReads and let everyone know what is going on.

Then head on over to with your confirmation code and enter to win a free KINDLE then apply to become a Bestseller for a Day author.

Also be on the look out for March 8th title, “A Walk in the Snark” from our very own Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC).

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  1. March 2, 2011 11:22 pm

    thanks for writing about this and bringing this sort of marketing to my attention. It’s interesting because from what i read the big wig publishers nowadays don’t give the same sort of marketing funding they once did either. A friend of mine just got signed with an indie publisher- will be sharing this with her.

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