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January 2, 2011

Get loaded! Um, what? The hottest gift this year was the e-reader. Thanks, Santa! Now, let’s get them loaded with hot new releases!

The Indie Book Collective is proud to present our first major event and it ain’t your grandma’s blog tour, baby…

So, yea. What exactly is it? is what you’re thinking, right? What’s in it for ME? Santa leave you out? Never fear#afreekindle is here…to win.

Well, let’s lay it A L L out, shall we? #freegifts

It’s sooo easy. You’ll meet twelve awesome authors, tour their blogs, read reviews of their books, and with every visit you access clues to way cool PRIZES, baby. You can enter every day and win prizes at each stop, with clues given out scavenger-hunt style. Gift baskets provided by the authors. And the grand prize is a free Kindle loaded with twelve+ ebooks!

Reader participation is critical because you all decide which author will receive a professional book trailer! Help out your fave authors and meet some amazing indie authors you may have never have heard of otherwise.

For example: do you know our Indie Book Collective featured Book of the Month author (and Blog Tour de Force participant) Amber Scott? @AmberScottBooks has written several romance #sexyhotwhew and paranormal romance books. Here’s a description of her latest superb paranormal romance ebook, Irish Moon:

  • Druid Magick… Breanne grapples with the old ways, her mentor murdered before she masters her talents. The stranger washed ashore must be the key to proving murder. Knight Errant… Ashlon made a vow to bury the Bloodstone, it’s horrific past, it’s secrets, in the farthest reaches of Ireland. Fate’s Twisted Course… Passion binds them but betrayal will test every belief under an Irish Moon.

Amber’s day on the tour will be January 25, so don’t miss it!

Be sure to check the Indie Book Collective site daily for info and clues beginning January 17 with our first book, hot paranormal romance page-turner HeartsBlood by IBC founder Carolyn McCray, now available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Who else? Well…

How about the non-fiction ebook by our other IBC founder @RachelintheOC, Rachel Thompson? Her “Walk in the Snark,” is sure to make you laugh out loud as you read about her man (Mancode/Chickspeak), kids, and life as a pale redhead living in a sea of blondes. Don’t miss this terrifically funny, touching book.

Visit all of our dynamic authors as follows:

January 17 HeartsBlood by Carolyn McCray

January 18 A Matter of Principle by Kris Tualla

January 19 I Could Tell You Stories by Rebecca Tsaros Dickson

January 20 The Dark Road by Marissa Farrar

January 21 Excelsior by George H. Sirois

January 22 Nearly Departed In Deadwood by Ann Charles

January 24 Where The Rain Is Made by Keta Diablo

January 25 Irish Moon by Amber Scott

January 26 Best of RachelintheOC ‘A Walk In The Snark’ by Rachel Thompson

January 27 Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan

January 28 Pull The Trigger by Melissa Ecker

January 29 Death By A Dark Horse by Susan Schreyer

January 31 The Final Stop—The Indie Book Collective site

Kay. More deets? Oh alright.


  1. Win a free KINDLE!
  2. Chance to win 12+ ebooks!
  3. Chance to win 12 awesomely cool gift baskets!


January 17th thru January 31st


Go to the IndieBookCollective website to enter


Join the collective and receive five entries OR

Go to any of the participating author’s blogs and comment on fun trivia to enter OR

Go to the @IndieBookIBC Twitter stream and RT one of our #BlogTourdeForce promos OR

Put our Blog Tour de Force badge on your Facebook page OR

Shout out our event on Goodreads OR

Put our badge on your blog/website OR

Follow our Scavenger hunt/clues OR

Watch for ‘BONUS’ rounds for extra entries OR

Install one of our widgets on your site OR

Simply shout us out with a RT on the @IndieBookIBC Twitter stream


Check the @IndieBookIBC stream and/or site everyday for information on which author site is next OR click here to come to the Blog Tour de Force site.


We want YOU to read great books, learn about fabulous, fresh authors, and win FREE stuff!

Come along for the ride, baby. Just um, you might want to leave grandma at home.

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  1. January 11, 2011 12:50 am

    Heads up: the link to Carolyn McCray is wrong — it leads to Kris Tualla’s site!


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