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Introducing ParaYourNormal and Heartsblood

November 28, 2010

The #IBC Family is Growing and We Have A New Book of the Month!


That’s right, the IBC has a baby sister… at least in the form of a new stream and website!
ParaYourNormal!  As you can imagine this stream is dedicated to all things Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.  Ever since starting the @ThrillersRockT to provide a place for writers and readers of the mystery/suspense/thriller/action-adventure novels (head on over to the stream if you are an author of any of those genres if you want to participate in an interview, review, give away, or just want to talk thrillers!) we have been chomping at the bit for a place for the huge number of PNR/UF authors and readers to hang out.

Well with @ParaYourNormal stream and we have it! #finally

As you can tell the IBC doesn’t just talk about helping promote your book, we practice what we preach.  Even if you are at the W.I.P. stage of your paranormal romance or urban fantasy, you now can cross-promote with @ParaYourNormal.  Have your W.I.P. or book featured, participate in scavenger hunt give aways and so much more!

So if you are an author or enthusiast of the PNR/UF genres head on over to @ParaYourNormal and chat (our book of the month there is Kait Nolan’s Forsaken by Shadow. ParaYourNormal has interviewed her on our blog and will be interviewing her on Dec 29th on their pilot radio show episode! Read then tune in!)!

In honor of @ParaYourNormal/’s launch, our book of the month is HeartsBlood, Carolyn McCray’s kick-a** paranormal romance/adventure.

A woman of science.

A man of magic.

A love taken to its dangerous conclusion.


Not only can you read 50% of HeartsBlood for FREE on, but we are also giving away 5 free digital copies in celebration.

Just head over to and download the free sample, then in the comment box below leave…

Your Twitter handle (or Facebook, or anything really to make it easy for us to track you down).

Whether or not you felt HeartsBlood is more Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy

A line from the novel that supports your choice.

That’s it!  Voila! You are entered.

And no worries if you aren’t one of the lucky few to win a copy.  Use this 50% off coupon to buy HeartsBlood (enter at check-out): ZP78S

HeartsBlood is also our first title to participate in 100 reviews in 100 Days!  That’s right, we are shooting for the moon! We want to help HeartsBlood get 100 honest reviews in 3 months.

Can we do it?  Only with your help!

Carolyn has agreed to not only review your book in return, but also to shout it out on her streams (@craftycmc has over 10,000 followers, @writingnodrama has over 6,500 followers, etc). If you don’t have a book ready for review, she will be more than happy to shout out your blog or twitter stream! 🙂

So if you participate in our HeartsBlood 100 Reviews in 100 Days, just mention or DM @craftycmc with your info (of course once you have posted the review on Smashwords/ so she can return the favor!

And don’t forget to tune into our radio show Tuesday at 4:30pm PST.  We are on every week or you can subscribe through iTunes to listen to the episodes.  This week (Nov 30th) we will be discussing both ParaYourNormal, HeartsBlood, and developing new and creative strategies for give aways and book promotions!

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